Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busy Being a Farmer.

It's been a little over a year since my last post. My family and I have been busy making a transition from city life to the rural life. Having recently acquired 80 acres which we are working at making a working farm. After learning how to drive a tractor we have been busy brush hogging fields, building chicken tractors, raising 30+ chickens and planning where to put up new fences and cross fencing. I've been reading up on various techniques to raise farm animals. We plan on obtaining some Dexter Cattle this Spring as well as some Hampshire weaner pigs. A couple of months after being on the property we rescued  a female boxer that had been abandoned on a gravel road leading to our property. She was scarred up, cut up and hungry. She has become a welcome addition to our family.

I've recently had the opportunity to do some graphic work as I've designed some logo's for our farm. We have two names we've narrowed down to and either graphic will go with either name. I looked at a variety of logo's of other farms on the internet and used ideas from my favorite ones to design the graphics below. Each logo incorporates the animals we will be raising and the fact that we will be growing crops as well. 

Our farm property is on an elevated terrain. Actually it spans a ridge line. Hence the Hill motif. Half the property is covered by mainly by white oaks, and a smattering of walnut trees.
I like this design because of the variety of colors, which I feel helps to catch the eye. I've sought to incorporate a business statement with the name of the farm.

I like this second logo because of the simplicity of the graphic. Once again it reveals the type of livestock we plan on raising. As well as the fact that we will be raising crops. I may tweak my hill top a little, as the more I look at it I think it looks like the top of a burger bun.

Well with us being on the waning side of winter, I've started work on a second chicken tractor. The sooner I finish it the better, as we presently have 9 hens and a rooster residing in our garage. I'm not sure when I'll be posting again. Perhaps in the next two weeks as my son makes a final decision on the farm name. Or perhaps in the fall, after we finish harvesting our first crops and livestock.
But stay tuned. Thanks for reading this blog.

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  1. Hi Ralph, would you be interested in doing a variation of your Little Farm on the Hill logo for me? I'm contactable on Cheers, Julian